Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

World Will Be Better

mission & vision

Our mission is to eradicate poverty by helping elderly homeless and women with children who can't help themselves or have lost hope. Our goal is to give them enough support so that they can get back in society and sustain themselves.

Helping Houstonians!

World Will Be Better

Our organization, World Will Be Better, helps Turning Point Center by:

1. Continually raising awareness about Turning Point Center's mission to rehab women and children of Houston.

2. Raising funds for the construction of an apartment building to house women and children.

3. Raising funds for the operations of the shelter post construction.

Currently Turning Point Center and World Will Be Better are laying the foundation for a Women and Children's shelter. Turning Point receives daily requests from women and children. But unfortunately they have to be turned away because Turning Point doesn't have the facility to house them. Once the Women and Children's shelter is built, that will no longer be the case.