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World Will Be Better

Photos of the empty plot of land where construction will begin. it's opposite the current facility of turning point center:

Step 3: Fund Raising

We will begin the long journey to raise awareness and all the funds to cover the project costs.

Step 4: Construction

Once funds are raised, architect will prepare blue prints and coordinate with builder to start construction.

project Process from start to finish:

Architectural Plans:

World Will Be Better is building a women and children's shelter in Houston for Turning Point Center. We are managing the project from conception to completion and raising all the required funds for construction. The shelter will be operated and managed by Turning Point Center.

The story:

Step 1: Hire Architect & Get Designs

We have hired Ted Trout Architects. They will submit preliminary designs.

Funding goal: $5,580,286.57

The pictures above are almost 2 acres of land located at 1701 Jacquelyn Dr, Houston, TX 77055. The land is owned by Turning Point Center, a 501(c)(3). Turning Point Center was started by Isha Desselle in 1988 when she sold all her assets to buy a rundown apartment building to house and rehab a neglected group: elderly homeless. She has received multiple awards from presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush and recognized as CNN Hero of the Year. Over the years she expanded Turning Point Center to help homeless women and children of Houston. Her infrastructure is overloaded and she's turning people away every day. The land pictured above currently has a small old house for women and children. Her goal is tear down that house and build a larger facility utilizing all 2 acres owned by Turning Point. Including living space, there will be small classrooms where women can be taught various skills and children can be given lessons. The goal is not to provide shelter, but to make them productive members of society. The last picture above is the current elderly and homeless shelter. The 2 acre plot is exactly opposite her current elderly homeless shelter. Click on Turning Point Center to read more about that or visit the website directly-

This is a massive multi-year project. Isha and Turning Point Center alone cannot raise awareness and funds. The goal of our organization, World Will Be Better (WWBB), is to aggressively raise awareness and host fund-raising events until we hit the mark to start and complete construction. The project involves many phases: Architectural designs, permitting, construction, etc. Your donations are tax deductible once WWBB receives tax exempt status. All funds raised are for the project and related costs (administrative, architect, permits, etc.). No salary is taken by the board of directors or staff.

Once the construction is finished, the building will be transferred to Turning Point Center. Our goal after that will be to continually raise awareness and raise funds to sustain the operations of the shelter.


World Will Be Better

Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Current Stage


Step 2: Submit Prelim. Design to Builder

Hudson Construction will build a plan and come up with total construction cost.