1. Is World Will Be Better separate from Turning Point Center?

Answer- Yes. We are a supporting organization to Turning Point Center. We are not involved in the management or day to day operations of Turning Point Center. 

2. Why can't Turning Point Center (TPC) raise the money?

Answer- Isha Desselle, founder of TPC, has her hands full. While they have the capability to accommodate and manage more residents, they don't have the ability to constantly raise awareness and funds.

3. What happens to the building after it's built?

Answer- Once the construction is over, the building is transferred to Turning Point Center, which is a 501(c)(3). 

4. Is my donation to WWBB tax deductible?

Answer- Yes

5. What will WWBB do after construction?

Answer- We will continually raise awareness and raise the funds needed for TPC to sustain it's operations. 

6. What type of people does TPC currently accept?

Answer- Any elderly homeless person over the age of 55 who doesn't have any addiction and women and children who have been displaced or fallen on hard times. 

7. Are any part of the funds raised to pay staff or board of directors?

Answer- No. Neither the staff nor the board of directors receive any type of compensation. All funds are used for construction, administration and marketing of WWBB. We didn't create this to take salaries. We believe that non-profit work should be donation of time and money without expecting any type of compensation in return.

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